Hydrogen water Diffusion Stone in stainless steel


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  • Stainless Steel Hydrogen diffusion stone
  • 316 Stainless 1/2″ diameter. Stone is 1″ in length. Overall length is 1 7/8″
  • Pore size is 20 micron
  • Hose size is 5′
  • Can achieve up to 1.5ppm water depending on hydrogen machine.

Turn an ordinary glass of water into healthy hydrogen water. Simply attach to your hydrogen machine and you will have hydrogen water in minutes.

  • Soft, Flexible, Durable Over-the-Ear Nasal Cannula provides a better patient fit, perfect for long-term care
  • Reliable Non Kinking Tubing
  • Cannulas may be clear or green, we ship whatever the manufacturer sends us!