Hi Herbie,

Just thought I would touch base to let you know mum loves her water bottle, she has felt much better since she started using it at Christmas.  Her last doctors visit for her kidneys- she got a clean bill of health!! She has more energy and all around feels better.  My father would also like one if you have any left, as mum won’t share ?. Color doesn’t matter ??



Hi Herbie,
Just thought I would let you know that mum is feeling the best she has felt in years, has much more energy and the results are amazing for her. My father is also having great success and I have been telling lots of people about the results from both of them. Do you think you could swing me 2 more bottles? My friend Gloria has recently gone through chemo and has sore joints, etc and I think it would really help her. I’m also ready to try it myself ?. I continue to tell everyone about the hydrogen water that I can- I really think it’s amazing. ?
Let me know,

  1. Barbara  

    Barbara – October 22, 2018

    First, I want to say that the customer service is outstanding . Very attentive to my needs.

    I love my machine.

    I have several ‘herniated’ discs in my spine, but have kept pain under control for a long time.
    I started having SEVERE back pain one night – kept waking me up and when I got up in the
    morning, I could hardly walk.

    With pillows, I created sort of a ‘pocket’ around my lumbar/sacral area. Then I put the nasal cannula
    in that pocket with the machine on. In 20 minutes 90% of my pain was gone!!!! About 8 hours later,
    it started to come back some and I did the same thing for 30 minutes. Pain was totally gone!

    What’s even more exciting? It’s been several weeks and the pain has not come back!

    Do yourself a HUGE favor and get this awesome Brown’s Gas machine for your health!
    BTW, I have many mobility challenges and the ‘maintenance’ on this is easy to do for even me.

    Thank you for this wonderful machine.

  2. Matthew Wilson  

    Matthew Wilson (verified owner) – January 15, 2019

    This is a great machine for the price, sturdy well designed and easy to set up and operate. I felt the definite health results within a week, and now months later I am enjoying a new window into my health that I have not felt for years.
    I have Porphyria HCP, it is a chronic genetic disorder that floods my body with neuro-toxic byproduct. This machine used on a daily basis – drinking 1 litre of bubbled water and breating the gas – has enabled me to detoxify very quickly and keep my symptoms down. It also has improved my health and energy, concentration, and moods. Hydrogen is the best kept health secret.

  3. Kelsey (verified owner)  

    Kelsey (verified owner) – February 1, 2019

    I have had my BG machine for one week. It arrived undamaged and ready to go. Preparing the tank and the bubblers was very simple to do. I like very much that Steve includes the two funnels to make pouring water into the machine easier and drip-free. Nice touch. 

    One of my favorite things about this unit in particular is that the bubblers are large and that they are firmly attached to the machine. This makes portability much easier. It also prevents knockovers and spills for those of us who are prone to clumsiness.

    I really like the reset button as well. I like to make sure the bubblers are bubbling away pretty well before I start an inhalation session and this makes it very simple. Just press reset once I’m ready and timer starts over.

    As far as benefits. I have only had this unit for one week and so it is very early days. After some more time passes, I may return with another review. However, I have noticed some things during this past week. My mother is currently in hospice care and I am about as stressed out as I have ever been with work, daily life, and being there just “sitting” with her as much as I possibly can. In spite of this, I have noticed that I have a very clear head, a lighter heart, and while not exactly a “bright” outlook, an at least “I can do this, let’s go” kind of mood and energy.

    I arise very early, about 5 am, during the week for my job. I usually take advantage of weekend mornings to get some extra sleep. This past weekend, however, I found myself quite naturally getting up at 6 or so with no desire to lie back down or grab more rest. I felt truly rested and ready to tackle what was sure to be a difficult day.

    I didn’t actually have the time to follow through on this, what with everything going on in my life at the moment, but several times I would look into a closet and have the desire to clean it out. I mean, I had the desire and the energy and the willingness and everything…just not the time.  For someone who struggles quite a bit with fatigue and depression, this was pretty significant.

    I also am sleeping more soundly and am experiencing vivid dreams. Insomnia tends to plague me, so this is very welcome. I don’t quite sleep all through the night, but if I do wake up, I am back to sleep quickly. The dreams are quite fun as well. I love to dream crazy dreams and I am happy to see they are visiting again.

    So, yes, just a week, but this is what I have noticed so far.

    Lastly, I would like to say that you will not find better customer service anywhere. I did a lot of research before I purchased this unit and the quality and price are the best. The follow-up customer service is a very pleasant bonus that you just don’t see around much these days. Steve is knowledgeable and helpful and he responds to all my questions and concerns quickly and thoroughly.

    This product comes with a money-back guarantee so if you are on the fence, I would recommend just giving it a try. If you are looking to get into this type of therapy, this is the place to do so.

    Thank you, HydrogenForHealth, for your product.


  4. Scott Brown  

    Scott Brown – December 19, 2019

    I’m a believer in Brown’s gas I have noticed I sleep better and have more energy.
    Eaton Colorado

  5. Heinrich  

    Heinrich – February 19, 2020

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for all your support.

    System is fully operational and it feels very good drinking the water.
    Where we live the water comes from down a mountain and it is very hard water.
    The municipality add their stuff as well.
    After bubbling the water ( 1 liter plus for 21 minutes ) the water feels very soft, fresh and cold.
    It is so easy to drink and the body just wants more.
    I have had some stomach and intestine problems for most of my life ( since 20 and now I am almost 60 ) and though I have been changing my diet a lot the last 5 years – the troubles never went away.
    But now it feels much more relaxed and I think that this can do the trick.

    I am very happy and love your product.

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

  6. Neil M  

    Neil M – March 6, 2020

    I own v2.0 and I have been using it extensively for breathing Brown’s Gas and for treating a serious wrist injury my wife sustained which resulted in her partially severing her wrist tendon which has healed up incredibly well by exposing the wound to Brown’s Gas via the cannular placed inside a bag and wrapped around her arm and secured with an elastic band. The results are simply staggering and my wife and myself are over the moon with the results this treatment has brought her.

    We also put in our pets drinking water and add MMS to it for an extra health kick. Both are definitely doing much better since putting them on this protocol.

    Neil M

  7. Kimberly M  

    Kimberly M (verified owner) – March 6, 2020

    H2Life Brown’s Gas therapy machine v2.0 is a high quality machine that I expect to last a long time. The safety features and guarantee make it definitely worth the money. The set up and maintenance video make the experience user friendly. We bought a stand up wheel suitcase (the machine must remain upright!) to bring with us when traveling! Steve provides outstanding customer service, answering any questions we had.
    My husband and I see improved sleep, better eyesight and more energy. We are also seeing more benefits when using more consistently. I am grateful to have this machine as a part of our lives!

  8. Al Perez (verified owner)  

    After doing a lot of research in browns gas and browns gas machines I decided to try Steve’s machine and I am very pleased to confirm the reliability and ppm claims as well , it is a very well build machine and if you have any problems like I had (user error ) you can bet their customer service is top of the line , they will even make a video step by step of what yo need to do yo fix your issues like they did with me , so far very Impressed. Thanks Steve much appreciated

  9. Jacquelyn  

    One on my clients had an amazing result after just a one hour treatment. I’ll keep you posted on results. She was told she has a tumor on her lower spine. Over the weekend, the pain she suffered was so great that she had to go to the emergency room. They put her on morphine and sent her home. She was still in agonizing pain through yesterday. When she came to visit me, she agreed to take a one-hour BG treatment at 55% (based on her weight). Shortly afterwards, she felt so much better. And last night she did not need morphine and slept soundly through the night and was still feeling great when she called me this afternoon! After a busy day today, she said she thinks she would benefit from another treatment. She is so grateful and very encouraged that the BG treatments will help her regain her health. She’s been battling cervical cancer since 2013

  10. Jacquelyn  

    Dear Steve,
    I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am with my Brown’s Gas Machines. I have one in my office that I use while working on my computer and one in my bedroom that I use for 5 hours a night while sleeping. In 27 days), I have experienced the following:

    Increased my energy levels
    Increased my mental acuity
    My completions looks better
    My quality of sleep has improved
    Eliminated 2 large moles on my face
    Eliminated 95% of the psoriasis on my feet
    The puffiness around my eyes has decreased
    Improved both my long-term and short-term memory
    Greatly improved the quality of fingernails and toenails
    Reduced a number of age spots on my hands and arms
    Shrunk varicose veins on the back of my hands in 30 minutes
    Used topically, it prevented infections and accelerated healing
    Eliminated longstanding symptoms of neuropathy in both hands and feet

    Out of the three people who experienced it so far, two of them ordered their own device. I have another friend coming to experience it next week. As long as I have known her (about 20 years), she has suffered from extreme reactions to EMFs, LED light, florescent light, computers and cell phones. Although is diet is very clean, she struggles with weigh issues. It will be interesting to see how she responds to a one-hour treatment.

  11. Jacquelyn  

    I am having more amazing results breathing and bagging Brown’s Gas. After trying everything under the sun to stop excessive hair loss, I put a shower cap on my head last night and inserted a tube that saturated my scalp with BG, and to my total delight and amazement when I brushed my hair this morning, there was very little hair stuck in my hairbrush…this is after 7 years of taking pills, potions & lotions and going to professionals that claimed to had solutions. Hallelujah!!!

    And in less than 30 minutes of bagging my left hand, the swollen, painful knuckle on my index finger was completely free of pain and totally flexible. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for all the benefits I have experienced.

  12. David  


    We received the machine on Monday 12th April so only a week to get here.
    It is so far ahead of the Osmio in ease of use and noise and pretty much everything else that I cannot believe the Osmio is twice the price. If anyone ever says they’re considering the Osmio over your machine send them my way.


  13. Lily (verified owner)  


  14. John R (verified owner)  

    I got the machine Sep 20 and began inhaling Brown’s gas 1 to 3 hours per day. It definitely felt beneficial. I mainly was interested in solving my high heart rate issue which developed in 2019 and slowly got worse enough to prevent me from exercising. Each week I would test my heart rate on the indoor bike and each time it would spike to nearly 140 after only 1-2 minutes at 15-18 rpm. On Jan 22 I tested again and pushed myself past 2 min and saw the rate spike to 180 with chest discomfort. On Jan 23 I got the idea to breathe Brown’s gas while exercising and got surprising results. My heart rate spiked to 130, then slowly declined to low 70s. I continued for 30min and would see a spike every 5min, then a slow decline again. Being extra cautious the next day, I only managed 160 calories in an hour.

    Each day for 2 weeks the spikes got lower and less frequent, as did the average. Since then I’ve slowly increased the rpm and time and haven’t seen any spikes for a month or so, and I’m nearly back to around 600 calories per hour like I used to do, and I’m even able to sprint.

    Another huge benefit is exercise gets noticeably easier after around 10 min and by 30 min it’s actually pleasant, something I’ve never experienced. I always used to dread exercising, but can now see myself trying for 2 or 3 hours straight. All this in spite of my unhealthy habits.

    I now consider it essential for me to exercise while breathing Brown’s gas. I wouldn’t call it a cure-all, but it’s the most helpful thing in my life right now.

    Thank you, Steve, for making a high quality machine and sharing the benefits of Brown’s gas.

  15. Moe  

    I bought this machine from hydrogen4health recently. I can tell you something. This BG machine is even more beautiful than the video. It’s healing me, portable, practical, robust, US made, uses less lye, so easy to use, gorgeous deep blue colour, and Steve’s customer’s support is excellent. I’m so happy with this machine. All the BG machines in the market are ugly, bulky and not portable. If you want a healing BG machine that adds beauty to your healing space go with this machine. I love this machine. Thank you Steve for constantly improving your technologies and make it more practical, gorgeous and thank you for your outstanding customer support. I’m a kind of of a person that I ask too many questions specially in the beginning when I buy a device and Steve responds to all of my questions patiently and professionally.

  16. John (verified owner)  

    Its a little early for a five star review but I think this machine deserves it. I have been in possession for about one week and am really getting to like this device. I have spent most of my life learning to listen to my body and, by doing this, I can detect small changes taking place that many people would not pay attention to. That being said just in the short amount of time I have been breathing the gas and drinking the infused water there are unmistakable small alterations already taking place. I would describe them as micro-stabilizations. By this I mean that as I go through my day now I feel a noticeable increased stability in both my physical coordination as well as mental calmness and clarity. I realize that many reading this would give credit to the placebo effect but I am sure it is not playing a role here. Both the delivery of the machine and the service have been top notch. In fact I just received an answer to my email to Steve enclosing multiple questions. So far I am very satisfied and look forward to what may lie ahead after doing this for a period of months. One thing I would suggest would be to ease into breathing the gas for prolonged periods of time (i.e. hours). No real danger here as the gas has no toxicity level I am aware of, Only a suggestion to make the transition easier for some.

  17. Michael (verified owner)  

    Top class machine by Steve. Steve is a great person and always has time for you, he answered all of my questions and couldn’t have been more accommodating. I actually bought another browns gas machine from Osmio Infinity company here in the UK. When I got it through I hated everything about it, you had to have a degree to use it and you had to go through a ‘test’ to be able to use it and it had so many bits and pieces to it. The product that I bought before seeing this machine was so so poorly made it felt fragile and chintzy, the panels didn’t even fit properly the machine had panel gaps. In order to put a humidifier bracket on the machine I sent back you took 1 screw out, Just taking out 1 screw the whole side popped out. You had to do a lot of reading of instructions which felt like a small book to read and remember. What made things worse throughout all of this you were warned to stop explosions etc you must discharge any electricity from your body by touching something grounded or the machine. I thought to myself ‘wait a second you are saying that this machine is so poorly built it doesn’t even have safety features. The safety is on me and if i forget it could be a disaster but you are basically wrapping up all of the machines faults and passing the buck to the customer in a way of test so the customer compensates for the flaws of the machine and has to jump through hoops to use the machine safely.’

    Needless to say, I hated everything about the previous machine, so much so it didn’t really get out of the box and I never used it once. I sent it straight back waited for my refund and bought this bad boy. This machine is 10 times the machine in every way, ease of use, safety and power……and customer support! What makes it sweeter is the fact that even after paying customs fees it was literally half the price of the other machine.

    I am starting to feel the positive effects of this machine as the days go by (only have used it for about a week)

    You don’t look anywhere else for a BG machine you won’t get a better quality sturdy machine that this for the price I am quite sure of it. If you look after it and do the maintenance I am sure it will last a lifetime it is so well built and I am quite sure anyone that tries this machine (especially if they have tried any other BG machine) will agree this is a fantastic bit of kit.

  18. Steve (verified owner)  

    This machine is awesome, Steve has got the best h2 machine on the market imo.

    I have also tried the osmio plus the ReCure, but this one is by far the best. It is much easier to setup, so much quieter (the bubbling sound is quite pleasant) and the main benefit for me was the lower levels of lye but similar levels of output to the others.

    Plus the customer service has been fantastic.

    Thank you for all your efforts in getting this product to us Steve.

    Best wishes,


  19. Pat  

    Loving the Falcon! Getting a better brain – better moods – ability to start organizing my world – better able to express my thoughts (not losing words mid-sentence) – walking better & having less pain.

    After 27 years of trying to get better from severe fibromyalgia then a meniscus tear that remains untreated and 3 falls on my right hip have left me in extreme pain and poor sleep. Having seen alternative therapists for decades and each helping a little, I’m feeling this device is a miracle for my old body. My husband, a retired professor, works from home 6 hours a day is vibrant and my goal is just to be able to once again join him on walks with our 5# Papillon.

    The H2Life is helping my dear 80+ neighbor, Ana. She is recently able to start cooking again. She believes it is helping her brain.

    Bless you for your work to help so many of us heal. May you and your beautiful family have many blessings,


  20. Michele  

    Just received my H2 and was pleasantly surprised to see that the size of this machine was much smaller than I thought. I am also impressed with the quality. Nothing about this unit looks like a China knockoff, it clearly was made in the USA. Plus it was packaged very well and arrived sooner than expected. I can’t wait to see what Hydrogen will do for me.
    Thanks Steve and God bless your business,

  21. Matt (verified owner)  

    I have been utilizing this generator since the autumn of 2020, and it has made a difference in my life.

    Brown’s gas is a powerful therapy, there are lots of health benefits. Primarily, I’m using it to stay healthy in these crazy times.

    I’m very grateful for Steve. He is a top notch engineer, who repaired my generator when I was experiencing an issue. It works perfectly to this day.

    You won’t be disappointed if you invest in one of these. I recommend running it at 50 percent. That extends the life of the generator, and is actually just as effective as higher percentages.


  22. Dan  

    Customers unboxing video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa24p-cGzz4
    Thanks Dan

  23. Donald  

    I contacted you several months ago. I don’t recall if I mentioned at the time my wife was diagnosed with a tumor near her carotid artery that blocked hearing on her right ear. The doctors indicated that the position rendered it dangerously inoperable. Two days ago the doctor examined a new MRI and told us that the tumor is 50% less than it was originally. It’s shrinking. Hopefully it will be destroyed and her hearing will be normal again. Thank God and your Hydrogen4health.

    Just thought I would share the great news with you.

  24. Gio  

    Steve offers the best machines and best service when it comes Hydrogen and Brown’s Gas. His Brown’s Gas Machine is innovative and far superior to the others in it’s class. His Molecular Hydrogen machines are some of the best in the market and are much more affordable than their competitors. I am very happy with my purchase. The machine I purchased is immaculate and top of the line. The customer service was also top of the line, Steve was there whenever ever I needed something. I’ll definitely be coming back to “Hydrogen for Health” for more Hydrogen related purchases. Thank you Steve!

  25. John G  

    My Mother in Law uses this machine 4 times per day. She is 90. Terrible history referencing smoking, since she was 16.
    Without this for 2 days, they are taking her to Dr, “Having a Rough Rough day!!”
    Side note:
    The last time she saw Dr he asked “What are you doing differently? You look great! My wife explained the only difference has been John has her breathing Hydrogen with his BG3 twice a day. The Dr. seemed to be familiar and told her to double it!!
    Since then, she has been active all day.
    Not running anywhere … but sit in the shade and pot her pepper plants.
    This is going to sound like a script:
    Belinda, my wife walked in and said they decided to take her to Wellington hospital as her legs are aching, besides weakness, etc. . Note: she had vascular surgery to increase blood flow to her feet. It was then I set her up on the BG3.

  26. Elise  

    Hi Steve, I received my unit last evening and set it up this afternoon at the end of my workday when I was feeling very unwell.

    After almost an hour treatment I felt refreshed. I do have chronic fatigue issues and my energy went downhill, below the line in early March again.

    So this is a fantastic result. I have been getting hydrogen only treatments for the past month at a local health center with good results from having a very intransigent, heavy duty cough for the last 3+ months.

    It helped so much I started researching home units and found your site to the best and I liked your units and pricing models.

  27. Steve Phillips  

    H2Life Browns Gas Machine Video Review by Steve Phillips

    1. Max Gunderson  


      I have been using the NANO hydrogen water bottle for the past year now and I love it! It helps me stay hydrated, reduce inflammation, and speed up the recovery process from my trainings. As a professional soccer player, I am always looking for an edge, and this help me get to the next level!

      Max Gunderson

    2. Ken  

      Ok thank you sir , I have been using the hydrogen bottle since it arrived in the mail and I can say with out a doubt it’s helped me with my body pain anxiety , within 3 days I was able to sleep rite through the nite and not have it wake me up at all hours of the night in unbelievable pain , I am a true believer in hydrogen water it’s fantastic and also my leg cramps have stopped as well , I will be placing a order for cleaning product for the bottle very soon , again thank you and i surely would love to help promote your products . 


    3. Jim  

      Steve, this last order for the Hydrogen Water Bottle is amazing-I use
      it daily and it has now replaced all my other hydrogen water devices!
      Very easy to use especially in the am for mw-quick and easy.


    4. James  

      This is by far the best Hydrogen Water Product currently in existence!
      I have purchased a number of molecular hydrogen water products over the last 5-6 years.
      Many don’t deliver the stated molecular hydrogen concentration or are poorly designed/not easy to use.
      This is the exception by far.
      I have had the H2 Nano Hydrogen Bottle now for nearly 3-4 weeks.
      Setup/use is amazingly very simply plus Steve sends a nice YouTube link with the order, describing the function plus the range of molecular hydrogen produced per the bottle, as one cycles through the function button on the bottom of the device.
      Well made and easy to charge with the provided charging cable that lights up in strobe type fashion during charging mode.
      Small & very compact plus quite well made. This has now replaced my 2 other molecular hydrogen products-one being a large stand alone very good pitcher type device costing over $2500 from Japan.
      I also just bought one for a good friend today, whom I know will love this.
      I have bought a number of hydrogen products from Steve over the last 3-4 years and he is so helpful and very easy to work with!
      Quick to respond to question via email and just a pleasure to deal with!
      So everyone, just take the plunge here-price is quite affordable indeed and you shall be very impressed when it arrives at your door!
      The benefits of molecular hydrogen water are also very well documented in a number of studies for multiple disease states + immunity enhancement as well!

      Dr. Jackson
      Family Medicine Physician

    5. Carlos  

      I spent a lot of time reviewing products that infuse water with hydrogen. After finding an outstanding guide called ‘H2 Minutes’ I was led to their website (H2HUBB) where I found the H2 Nano review and was provided with more detailed information upon request.

      After some discussions with both the independent reviewer at H2HUBB and the inventor of the H2 Nano, I was satisfied enough to make my purchase.

      I’m British, but live in Macau so the delivery took some time to be forwarded to me. I’ve been using the device for about a week now. I bought it for general health purposes but was quite interested in the benefits of H2 water on the microbiome gut flora.

      I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m simply drinking more water, but I feel I have more energy and my nuisance gut problems have improved substantially.

      I am extremely satisfied with this professionally made device and it’s cool features. I’d highly recommend anyone to use the device who has an interest hydrogen infused water, but isn’t sure where to begin!

      P.S. make sure to use a plastic bottle with this device to have additional H2 saturation. I’m drinking two 300ml bottles a day. Sometimes 3. I squeeze the bottles a bit before attaching so the pressure doesn’t build too much. Enjoy!

    6. Brian  

      A quick testimonial for the H2 Nano:
      I have been applying the water on my scalp where I have had chronic dermatitis and experienced a quick decrease in inflammation, better than any other treatment I have tried for the last few years. The results are holding and continuing to improve. I’m just soaking a cotton cloth in the water and reapplying it several times over a half hour. Thank you so much for selling this great device. I hope to use it for years.

    7. Morgan  

      This product like the Hx 600 Falcon is amazing! Great customer service. Steve replies to my emails within a few hours. I plan to purchase one of these for my Aunt in Alberta, Canada. This is a must have for all you health conscious people. This will make a difference!

      Drink for life!

      1. TG (verified owner)  

        I’ve had HX600 about 6 weeks. It arrived quickly and very well packed, ez setup, just add distilled water. I’ve been using it about 60 min after dinner while internet browsing or watching cable news, like now. So easy, you forget the nasal canula is there…drinking the HH water too.
        I’m trying to be objective as there are many health improvement claims… Gotta say I’m feeling pretty good energy, vivid dreams that I’m remembering, eyesight a little better (age 63), fewer age spots on my hands…Very pleased so far.

      2. Amber (verified owner)  

        Good morning Steve. I just wanted to thank you for this amazing product. We received the machine Saturday around 11:00. About an hour before that my mom told me she thought she was dying- she had fought her COPD for years and to the medical world she’s in the end stage. She is improving daily- hourly it seems. I Believe God still has a plan for her life here and your product is a big part of it. I just wanted to thank you for the amazing product, service and helpful advice. Have a blessed day.

        Isaiah 40:31 

      3. Geeta  

        Mum has severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and was having breathing issues,,, she has greatly reduced inflammation and regulated breathing now…

        Thanks again.


      4. Kevin  

        In my case, I have seen improvement in skin and joint issues. I also notice that my recuperation from exercise is faster and I have more energy for workouts. Also, I notice my lung capacity has improved tremendously. I inhale twice a day for about 45 minutes to 1 hour each time.


      5. Mary  

        We are using the Falcon daily and feeling the benefits. Seems to help with seasonal allergy and an allergic reaction to a food. Also feeling more energy and need less sleep.


      6. Jeremiah (verified owner)  

        I’ve been doing hydrogen baths this summer and have witnessed very positive affects on my skin. I have also noticed that whenever I had a sunburn a hydrogen bath helped in a huge way to quickly heal my skin.

        My procedure is generally to just drop the bubbling stone in the water and then try to pass the air bubbles wherever I want to treat.

        It works so well when I pass the bubbles directly on the skin. It’s practically healed sunburns on the spot. And I can definitely notice a difference in the skin around my eyes. Anytime I want a little lift around those areas, I just take a hydrogen bath and snorkel breathe while dosing the bubbles around my face. It probably sounds funny but it works really well.


      7. Gina S  

        Gina (verified owner)
        It helped my breathing, I’m still smoking, but I was wezing before, my breathing was getting shortness of breath on occasion (yes I know, I have to quit) my energy level is so much better. my pain in my knee and foot, which I had fractured last year is better. just overall, my head is more clear and my skin! my sisters were commenting how good it looked.

      8. richard G  

        I’ve had headaches for at least 20 years, that are produced by a variety of things. Very bad headaches. Hydrogen inhalation sometimes with the pills dissolved in water alleviates the headaches 80%. And seem to prevent bad headaches. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Yours was the third hydrogen machine I bought.

      9. Zara  

        I bought this machine after researching hydrogen for almost three years. I bought this for my mother as she is sick and deteriorating fast lately. She had the tip of her index finger amputated and luckily the machine arrived to the UK in time. Gave her the Brown’s gas and sometimes also oxygen on its own at night because of her hear condition. The doctor who assessed her finger commented that it was the fastest healing wound he has seen (as the bone was cut, too) her oxygen saturation has improved and blood pressure, too. The family drinks it and my elderly parents have benefitted so far. Steve has A star customer service and I thank you for a brilliant machine. For anyone who is thinking about purchasing this, see it as a health investment and the road to recovery. Your health is your wealth and I truly believe hydrogen has amazing benefits.

      10. Lai  

        Hello Steve,

        Just want to tell you I am very happy with my hydrogen Falcon machine. We drink hydrogen water from it every day. I am seeing health benefits. Any stomach pains go away quickly after drinking the H2 water. My husband also recovered quickly from his urethral tube operation. I am also helping my neighbor’s mother, an 84-year-old lady. She’s just had a colon cancer operation. I give her a big jug of H2 water every morning. She is recovering well. So perhaps the H2 water has something to do with it.

        Thanks for your great product!


      11. Don  

        Hi Steve,
        We recently received our Hx600 Falcon. Great machine – we previously had an AquaCure machine that we returned after 8 months due to seemingly narrow optimal operating parameters. Maintenance was a lesson in frustration. Your machine is so much more elegant.

        Set up was a breeze and we have been using it for H2 inhalation.


      12. James Jackson (verified owner)  

        I recently (about 3 mos. ago) purchased another Falcon HX600 from Steve.
        This is the 3rd unit (gave several away to friends) that I have purchased from Steve.
        About 6 months ago I purchased a very pricy/elite unit from another company that sadly stopped functioning after about 4 months into use.
        I then emailed Steve and I received my current unit in 1 day via overnight UPS.
        Steve is amazing! Very knowledgeable about this technology, as well as the many profound health benefits of molecular hydrogen. This primordial molecule, the smallest in the known Universe, has some very unique multi-organ health benefits that are well researched/documented. I do a 1 hour session per day and sometimes do a longer session on the weekends, when off work.
        This is a 5 star + review for Steve and his wonderful Hydrogen Machines. I have also in the past, purchased several of his hydrogen water bottle units. Also very impressive. They work well still today.
        These units are so well made! Easy to use and I have never had any issues w/them!
        Steve is such a cool and honest person and he is so easy to deal with.
        Forgive me Steve, for the delay in writing this review.
        -work in a 3000 pop male prison which demands much of my time.
        No longer will I look elsewhere for another unit down the line, Steve has the best selection anywhere on the planet>I know this since I have been inhaling molecular hydrogen for the last 5 years & I have sadly purchased other units from other companies that were very lackluster in performance or had profound maintenance issues.
        This is the best money you will ever spend, without good health you truly have nothing.
        Thank You Again, Steve!!
        Dr. James Jackson DO
        (Jim Jackson)
        Family Medicine Physician






Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water
Hydrogen Infused Water

3 Main Properties that explain hydrogen's therapeutic effects

1) Molecular hydrogen can easily diffuse into the subcellular compartments and scavenge cytotoxic oxygen radicals, thus protecting the DNA, RNA and proteins from oxidative stress.



3 Main Properties that explain hydrogen's therapeutic effects

2) Molecular hydrogen also triggers the activation or upregulation of additional antioxidant enzymes (e.g. glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc.) and/or cytoprotective proteins of the body.

3 Main Properties that explain hydrogen's therapeutic effects

3) Molecular hydrogen may be a novel-signaling molecule that can alter cell signaling, cell metabolism and gene expression. This gives the anti-inflammatory effects, anti-allergic effects, and anti-apoptotic (or anti-cell death) effects.