H2Pro300 99.99% Pure Hydrogen Breathing Machine w/BG


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Highly portable Hydrogen breathing machine.

Breathe Hydrogen  with a nasal cannula.

Infuse Hydrogen into water.

This machine uses PEM and SPE technology to make pure 99.99% H2 hydrogen. Attach a cannula and you can breathe pure Molecular hydrogen. At 300ML/min you can breathe in 2000 times the H2 of one 500ML bottle of H2 water.


H2Pro 300 Hydrogen breathing machine.

300ml hydrogen output. 450ml Browns gas output. 1 hour to 6 hour breathing timer. The H2Pro 300 produces 300 ml per minute of hydrogen gas and 150 ml of Oxygen per minute through a selectable BG mode button. Using PEM/SPE technology for electrolysis, our inhalation machine makes 99.9% pure H2 Molecular Hydrogen and oxygen gas. Simply attach a cannula and you can breathe in pure H2! PEM/SPE technology. ( solid polymer electrolyte). Through electrolysis of pure water( no need to add chemicals) to produce high purity hydrogen. Output hydrogen purity could reach 99.9%, hydrogen output Flow and pressure is very stable. Our machine has H2 output flow rate display, breathing timer, water level display and also has several safety protection in order to operate safety. Make Browns Gas with a simple press of a button. If you forget to add water the machine will sound an alarm to remind you it’s low. TDS alarm tells you if the water quality is bad. This machine can also be used to make hydrogen water with high PPM (1.3ppm+) concentrations by attaching the provided diffusion stone. Makes high PPM water in minutes. 1 H2  output with BG mode Mode button creates Browns Gas


  • Max output 300 ML/min H2
  • Max output 150 ML/min O2
  • Max output 450 ML/min BG (Browns Gas)
  • Continuous run time
  • 1 hour to 6 hour timer ( 1 hour increments )
  • 99.9% purity H2
  • Power with 115v or 220v
  • Water consumption 5ML per hour
  • Uses distilled water only
  • Uses Titanium plates and DuPont platinum SPE coated Membranes
  • 1800ml water reservoir with backlit display
  • Medical grade silicone tubing used inside the machine
  • 25 pounds
  • Dimensions are 15″ x 14″ x 13″
  • 1 year warranty with US repair facility.
  • Great customer support
It also comes with
  • H2 machine
  • 2x 7′ nasal cannula
  • 15 micron water diffusion stone
  • Power Cord
  • How to use video (available on website after purchase)
  • 60 day no questions asked return policy. 1 year parts and labor warranty. This means you can return it for the first
  • 60 days. After that if the machine fails we will fix it free of charge for a year. Warranty starts the day of purchase.
  • Customer pays for all shipping charges.

The H2Pro 300 uses advanced SPE/PEM technology that operates using only distilled water and does NOT require mixing lye into the water. Easy maintenance requires only draining and replacing distilled water every 200 hours or 6 months. Whichever comes first. The H2Pro delivers gas at under the 4.7% flammable limit using a nasal cannula

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