Kitchen Water Filter

Multipure’s Aquadome Drinking Water System offers a convenient method to obtain cleaner, clearer, more healthful drinking water in your home or office. The Aquadome features a high-quality, impact- and pressure-resistant plastic housing. It is designed for easy installation and countertop use only.

The Aquadome is NSF-certified to treat contaminants of Aesthetic Concern (Standard 42), contaminants of Health Concern (Standard 53), and Emerging Contaminants/Incidental Compounds (Standard 401).


Features of the Aquadome include: 

  • Delicious, Healthier Drinking Water on Demand – Once the Aquadome is in place, anyone can easily enjoy a glass of clean, filtered water in the kitchen, it’s ready to go.
  • Better Tasting Water-Based Beverages – Remember, you don’t just use your kitchen water for drinking straight from the tap. You probably also make coffee, tea and possibly other beverages using that same water. With the Aquadome kitchen water filter in place, you’ll enjoy the taste of your beverage — not the unwanted chemicals and contaminants.
  • Healthier Food Preparation – When washing fruits and vegetables with Aquadome filtered water, you’re preparing them more healthily, and you just might find they even taste better, too.
  • High-Quality Cooking Water – You might not always think about how many things you use water for in the kitchen, but our Aquadome kitchen sink water filtration system can make them all healthier and help create better-tasting food, even when using water for boiling your meal.
  • Great for Pets – No need to feel guilty for enjoying clean filtered water while your beloved companion suffers with the dirty stuff. Just fill their water bowl with filtered water from the Aquadome.
  • Guaranteed Quality – We’re confident you’ll love the results with the Aquadome, and we back that up with a rock-solid warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.
  • Economical – With the money you save on expensive bottled water, the Aquadome can pay for itself very quickly.
  • Attaches Easily to Your Faucet Without Tools – There’s no hassle to install your Aquadome. It takes little more than just screwing the Aquadome connection into place.
  • Healthier Drinking Water for Your Family and Your Home – Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your family is always enjoying cleaner, healthier water in your kitchen.


Order Your Aquadome Kitchen Sink Water Filtration System 

Attractive, simple to use and able to filter out a wide variety of contaminants with its powerful carbon block technology, the Aquadome kitchen sink water filter is a must for every home in need of an effective countertop kitchen sink water filtration device. Help you and your family enjoy cleaner, healthier kitchen water from now on by ordering an Aquadome kitchen water filter today!

System Options:

Base System
This sturdy plastic countertop system connects directly to the sink faucet with an included dual-hose diverter valve which allows you to select filtered or unfiltered water. It is intended for those who do not require a below sink installation option. NOTE: The Aquadome cannot be converted for below sink use.

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